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What Does It Mean When A Guy Shows PDA? – 12 Things It Means

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When we were dating, my boyfriend, now husband, was so into PDA (Public Display of Affection).

Even though I liked it, I was shy and not used to it.

He would kiss me, hold my hands, look into my eyes, and hug me in public.

Fast forward to marriage, things have changed, and he doesn’t show PDA as often.


Now I’m the one complaining.

I’m the one who now desires it.

Well, I understand because now we have kids.

Whenever we are out with them, it’s more about them than us.

Our hands are full with them, and we barely have time for ourselves.

But I remember the days when my husband would initiate PDA without caring who was watching.

It made me feel special, loved, and desired.

Now, back to you and why you are on this blog, what does it actually mean when a guy shows PDA?

PDA, or Public Display of Affection, is a way for couples to show affection towards each other publicly.

It can include holding hands, hugging, kissing, or any other physical contact that shows love and intimacy between two people.

While some may see it as a form of expressing love and intimacy, others may view it as unnecessary or even uncomfortable.

What Does It Mean When A Guy Shows PDA? – 12 Things It Means

1. He’s proud to be with you

What Does It Mean When a Guy Shows PDA

If a guy is embarrassed or ashamed of being seen with you, he wouldn’t even want to be in public with you, let alone show PDA.

But if he’s showing you off and isn’t afraid to be affectionate with you in public, it means he’s proud to have you by his side.

To him, you’re the most beautiful and amazing person in the world, and he wants the world to know it.

He’s not afraid to show the world that he’s in love with you and that he’s lucky to have you.

Some guys even go to the length of shouting, ”Look at my girl, isn’t she the most beautiful?” or ”I’m such a lucky guy to have her.”

I wouldn’t be comfortable with that level of PDA, lol, but some people are, and it’s cute.

Isn’t this better than being with a guy who would ignore you or feel embarrassed to be seen with you in public?

2. He’s not afraid of commitment

It’s no news that one of the dating headaches women face is a guy who’s afraid of commitment.

There are many women who have their sh*t together and are ready for something real, so they can settle down and have a family of their own.

But all they keep meeting are guys who just want something casual and don’t take them seriously.

Guys who just want sex and sow their wild oats.

These guys might be with multiple women at the same time, hiding behind the “I’m not ready for a relationship” line.

If you are with this guy, he’ll be careful with PDA.

He wouldn’t want to send mixed signals or give you the impression that he’s serious about you when he knows deep down that he’s not ready for a commitment.

In fact, he might be scared of running into one of his other flings while being affectionate with you in public.

And let’s not forget those who are either married or in a committed relationship but still want to cheat.

They definitely would avoid PDA like a plague, as it could expose them and the fact that they are cheating on their partners.

So if your guy is comfortable with showing PDA, he’s risking telling the world that you belong to him and that he’s not available for anyone else.

3. He feels secure in the relationship

What Does It Mean When a Guy Shows PDA

When a guy is truly happy and secure in his relationship, he won’t have any qualms about showing PDA.


Because he knows that both of you are committed to each other, and he’s confident in your feelings towards him.

He doesn’t feel the need to hide or downplay your relationship in front of others.

He’s proud to be with you and has no problem showing it.

4. He’s comfortable with his masculinity

In some cultures, showing PDA may be perceived as a sign of weakness or femininity in men because men are expected to act tough and “masculine.”

But a guy who’s confident in his masculinity wouldn’t care about such societal expectations.

He knows that showing love and affection doesn’t make him any less of a man.

In fact, it takes courage and strength to be vulnerable and express emotions, especially in front of others.

So, if your guy is comfortable with showing PDA, it’s a sign that he’s secure and confident in his masculinity.

5. He wants to make you feel loved and desired

What Does It Mean When a Guy Shows PDA

One of the main reasons couples engage in PDA is to express their love and affection for each other.

I think it’ll be weird and awkward if you are showing in public what you don’t feel in private.

If your guy is initiating PDA, it’s a sign that he wants to make you feel loved and desired.

He wants to reassure you of his feelings and show you that you are special to him.

He doesn’t want you to doubt his love for you, so he expresses it through physical affection, especially in public.

6. He’s spontaneous and adventurous

Some people just have an adventurous and spontaneous nature.

They are always seeking new experiences and thrills, even in their relationships.

So, if your guy is one of them, it’s natural for him to want to spice things up by initiating PDA.

He may find it thrilling and romantic to show affection in public, away from the privacy of your home.

It adds spontaneity and excitement to the relationship, which can keep the spark alive.

That’s why men who are traditional, boring, and rigid may not be into PDA, as they prefer sticking to societal norms and expectations.

7. He’s an affectionate person in general

What Does It Mean When a Guy Shows PDA

Some people are just naturally affectionate, regardless of whether they are in a relationship or not.

They show love through physical touch and enjoy expressing their emotions openly.

So, if your guy is one of them, it’s no surprise that he would want to show PDA.

It’s just a natural way for him to express his love and affection towards you.

8. He wants to show others that he’s taken

In a world where people are constantly looking for the next best thing, it’s not uncommon for someone in a relationship to be hit on or flirted with by others.

It can be frustrating and annoying, especially if you’re in a committed relationship.

Some guys may not want to show PDA out of respect for their partner’s feelings, but others may do it intentionally to send a clear message that they are taken.

By being affectionate with you in public, your guy is letting others know he’s off the market and committed to someone else.

It may also serve as a deterrent for anyone who might be interested in flirting or pursuing him.

This is cute!

Yeah, nothing is sexier than a man who’s proud to show the world that you’re his and he’s yours.

9. He’s trying to mark his territory

What Does It Mean When a Guy Shows PDA

Though it may sound a bit primitive, some guys engage in PDA to mark their territory.

They want to show other men that you are with them and not available.

It’s a way of saying, “Step back, she’s mine.”

This may be common among possessive or jealous partners who feel the need to constantly assert their dominance over their partner.

10. He’s testing the waters

Not everyone likes PDA, no matter how much in love they are.

Some people are naturally more private and prefer to keep their personal life, well, personal.

So, if your guy is initiating PDA for the first time, he may be testing the waters to see how you react.

If you respond positively, he might step it up a notch, but if you seem uncomfortable, he might back off.

Sometimes, guys show PDAs simply because they are in a good mood.

11. He’s in a good mood

Sometimes, guys show PDA simply because they are in a good mood.

They might be feeling especially happy, or they might have accomplished something they are proud of, and they want to share that joy with you.

12. He enjoys the thrill of being caught

PDA can be a bit risqué and taboo in some cultures.

That’s why some people enjoy it, especially if they have a rebellious or adventurous personality or come from conservative or restrictive backgrounds.

They like the thrill of being caught or seen by others while engaging in PDA.

It adds excitement to their relationship and makes them feel like they are breaking societal norms.

But, of course, this doesn’t apply to all guys who engage in PDA.

Some genuinely just want to express their love and affection for their partner without any hidden motives.

In the end, whether a guy is comfortable showing PDA depends on his personality, values, and the dynamics of his relationship.

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