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16 Subtle Signs a Guy is Unhappy in His Relationship

16 Subtle Signs a Guy is Unhappy in His Relationship

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What are some signs a guy is unhappy in his relationship?

How can you tell, as a woman, if your man is unhappy with you or just not that happy to be in a relationship?

Most people assume that if their boyfriend or girlfriend is unhappy, they will tell you.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

When your partner stops talking to you about their feelings and stops communicating their emotions in general, it can signify that they are unhappy in the relationship.

They may also blame you for everything, overreact to small things, or repeatedly talk about leaving the relationship.

The following are signs a guy is unhappy in his relationship:

16 Signs a Guy is Unhappy in His Relationship

1. He stops planning dates

16 Subtle Signs a Guy is Unhappy in His Relationship

Being in a relationship with someone you love is great.

You get to go on fun dates and cuddle up with the person you’re most comfortable with in the world.

A man unhappy in his relationship isn’t going to continue planning dates and events, making reservations, and picking up the tab.

He’s just going to drag you along until he breaks up with you.


2. He stops sharing his feelings

16 Subtle Signs a Guy is Unhappy in His Relationship

Most men aren’t exactly chatty.

They don’t usually talk about their feelings or even express their emotions.

But if a man loves and respects his partner, he will tell her how he feels about her — including the good stuff and the bad stuff.

He may argue with her at times, but deep down, he cares about her.

However, if a man suddenly stops letting you know his thoughts and feelings, it might be because he is unhappy in his relationship.


3. He starts to forget things

If your man starts to forget things like anniversaries, birthdays, and even things you told him the previous day or week, likely, he doesn’t enjoy spending time with you anymore, so he ignores whatever you are saying.

This could mean that he is unhappy in his relationship with you.


4. He becomes physically and emotionally distant

When a guy is unhappy in his relationship, he becomes distant and withdrawn.

You call him, but he doesn’t answer the phone.

You text him, but you get no response.

When he eventually picks up, he tells you he’s busy because his work has been challenging lately, and he’s working late every night.

But then he gets home from being out with his friends and posts a photo of himself having fun on Instagram without you in it.

It looks like he had a pretty fantastic time hanging out with his friends…without you.

Then the next day, you text him again while he’s at work and ask him if he wants to get together after work for dinner and drinks, which you usually do together.

He says he can’t because he doesn’t feel well and has to stay home to rest up for work tomorrow.

In other words, he’s making excuses not to spend any time with you.

A man who is happy in his relationship will not do this!


5. He gets defensive over minor things

16 Subtle Signs a Guy is Unhappy in His Relationship

A happy man in his relationship doesn’t feel the need to get defensive about everything.

But an unhappy man in his relationship will get defensive about everything.

He could even get defensive when you ask simple questions about what’s going on with him.


6. He stops making an effort with you

If a man is happy in his relationship, he will make an effort with his partner because he cares about her and wants his relationship with her to work.

So, if a man isn’t happy in his relationship, he’ll stop making the effort needed for the relationship to work.


7. He avoids spending time with you and others

A guy who is unhappy in his relationship may avoid spending time with other couples and make excuses for why he can’t get together with you and your friends.

He might be afraid they will find out he’s not happy.

This is especially true if he used to like going on double dates and hanging out with your friends.


8. He has strange habits

16 Subtle Signs a Guy is Unhappy in His Relationship

Some men often develop strange habits when they’re unhappy in their relationships e.g drinking too much alcohol, smoking cigarettes excessively, spending too much time playing video games, or spending too much time on social media.

If you notice your boyfriend has picked up a self-destructive habit alongside the other signs, he might be unhappy in his relationship.


9. He doesn’t make plans for the future with you

Whenever you ask him about making plans for the future, he always gives you vague answers.

If he is not happy with your relationship, you don’t expect him to talk excitedly about long-term plans with you.

Only people who are happy with the person they are dating fantasize and share their excitement about the future with their partner.


10. He’s not asking questions

He’s no longer asking about your day, your weekend plans, your work, or how you plan to achieve your life goals.

He may not be trying to be mean; he may not care what you are up to because he is unhappy.

It’s easier to care about other people when satisfied with our lives.


10. He becomes unresponsive to your affection

Your boyfriend may also seem unresponsive to your affectionate gestures and interactions.

For example, if you try to hug him when you see him, he might turn away from you or give you a loose hug.

It’s only natural for human beings to show affection in a relationship.

We hug, kiss, and hold our partners’ hands to express our feelings about them.

However, when your boyfriend seems unresponsive to your affectionate gestures, it could signify that he is unhappy in the relationship.


11. You always initiate contact

 If your boyfriend never calls you, it is a ubiquitous red flag.

Healthy relationships require effort from both people involved.

If one person is doing all of the work, it won’t be long before they get burned out and don’t want to invest more time or energy into the relationship.

If you notice you have been the only one initiating contact recently, your boyfriend might be unhappy in his relationship with you.

A happy boyfriend will consistently reach out to the woman he’s satisfied with.


12. He might become more critical of you

Unhappy people tend to point the finger at others when they’re not happy.

If your boyfriend has started making snarky comments about how you look or act, even if they’re meant as jokes, it can signal that he’s unhappy in the relationship.


13. He pretends everything is fine

If he doesn’t want to talk about his feelings, you can bet that something is wrong.

Men are not as in touch with their emotions as women are and often repress them because society and their parents taught them from a young age to hide or ignore how they feel.

So if your boyfriend refuses to talk about what’s bothering him, it’s likely because he is afraid doing so will make him weak and vulnerable.

He may begin to withdraw because he knows any attempt at communication will likely end in an argument, so he chooses pretense instead.

He might also pretend everything is fine because he’s scared of what would happen if you found out the truth.

Maybe he thinks that you’d leave him or stop loving him or that you’d never look at him the same way again.


14. He rarely compliments or praises you anymore

If he used to tell you how much he loved your hair or outfit and doesn’t do it anymore, it’s probably because he’s not feeling it anymore.

If the compliments have stopped altogether, then that might mean he’s unhappy with more than just the way you look.


15. He gets moody around you

16 Subtle Signs a Guy is Unhappy in His Relationship

A guy focused on having fun and enjoying life will want his partner to feel good.

This means that even if he’s in a bad mood, he’ll do what it takes to cheer himself up and make his girlfriend feel better.

But if your guy is unhappy, he won’t bother trying to make you feel better.

When you are together, things are boring.

His focus might be on something else, like watching TV or scrolling through his phone.

How can he make you feel better when he can’t even make himself feel better?


16. You sense he is unhappy

16 Subtle Signs a Guy is Unhappy in His Relationship

Women instinctively know what’s going on with their partners.

If you sense he is unhappy, chances are he’s unhappy indeed.


Nobody is happy all of the time.

We all have our down moments, and relationships take a hit now and then.

But if you find your man unhappy most of the time or in a bad mood more days than not, something is going on.

I know it can be hard when your partner is unhappy in your relationship, and the best way to handle this is to have a conversation with him about how he feels.

Tell him exactly what you’ve noticed and explain that you’re concerned.

Don’t accuse him of anything — share your concerns and ask them if there’s anything you can do to make your relationship better.

Talk about what changes each of you need to make because compromise is vital when it comes to fixing problems in a relationship.

If he is miserable, he may be grateful for this conversation.

If he insists everything is fine or doesn’t want to talk about it, try to respect his wishes.

However, don’t let this issue slide completely — bringing it up again in the future may help your partner see that there is a problem.

If he insists everything is fine, then there’s no way you can work on your relationship.

After all, why fix it if it’s not broken?

If you’re tired of waiting for him to come around and suspect that someone else is involved, it might be time to move on.

Unhappy relationships are draining!

16 Subtle Signs a Guy is Unhappy in His Relationship




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