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13 Convincing Signs He Will Never Leave You

13 Convincing Signs He Will Never Leave You

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If you are in a relationship and you think “will he ever leave me?” then you need some signs he will never leave you.

Perhaps you think you’ve found the one you’d love to spend the rest of your life with but you have fears.

You wonder if he’ll stay true to you or add to the list of your exes.

Not to worry, this article talks about the signs he will never leave you.

Here are the 13 biggest signs your partner will never leave you: 

13 Signs He Will Never Leave You

1. He’s a good listener

signs he will never leave you

If he’s a good listener who loves listening to you, he won’t leave you.

The ability to listen is one sign that the guy you’re dating will always stay with you.


Because listening is the key to good communication which is the essence of any good relationship.

A good listener is a good catch. He keeps you talking and laughing for hours.

One of the biggest red flags that your significant other is looking to leave one day is if they are not a good listener and never pay attention to you.

The fact that he loves you and listens to you is a huge indicator of your relationship’s longevity.

2. He encourages you to grow and be independent

If he’s earnestly invested in your personal growth and independence, he won’t leave you.

He will hear your ideas, respect them, and do all he can to help you make them happen, as best as he knows how.

If he’s willing to invest resources in you, in projects that bond you together, then you don’t need to worry about his commitment.

He does these because he’s interested in your future.

If he’s not thinking long-term with you, he’ll care less about your future life.

3. He shares his thoughts and true feelings with you

signs he will never leave you

Men do not open up as much as women because sharing your thoughts and true feelings with someone requires you to be vulnerable.

Not many men love to be vulnerable.

So, if he doesn’t hide his thoughts and true feelings from you, but bares them all to you, it shows he’s comfortable with you.

Also, he opens up to you because he trusts you and feels comfortable with you.

Furthermore, he feels you understand him.

It’s rare to feel this way about a lot of people.

Losing you means losing this special thing, and no right-thinking man would want to risk it.

4. He shares his plans with you

This is one of the best signs that he is committed to a long and healthy relationship with you.

If he shares his plans, then it means he wants to share his life with you, not just for now, but for the long haul, and he does not want any surprises sneaking up on you.

If he plans to leave you, then there’s no point in him sharing his plans you.

5. He’s an equal partner and supporter of your dreams

One of the signs he will never leave you is that you feel like a team.

Your relationship isn’t a competition, as he sees you as a partner and he’s a huge supporter of your dreams.

In fact, he’s probably your number one fan.

6. He puts in efforts towards the relationship

You’ve heard it a dozen times before: “It’s the actions that count, not the words.”

Words are certainly important in relationships, but if someone truly cares about you, they’ll show it by putting effort into the relationship.

If your partner puts effort into making the relationship work and is always considering your happiness, he won’t easily leave you.

Why would he?

He might not tell you that he loves you every day or surprise you with gifts too often but if the times he does are the meaningful ones, you’ll know for sure that he cares.

7. He enjoys being with you

signs he will never leave you

If a guy enjoys being with you, he loves your company and all that comes with it.

Leaving you means he’ll miss that, and he wouldn’t want to.

One of the beauties of being in a relationship is having a companion whose company you greatly enjoy.

If your company brings him great joy and good memories, he’d be a fool to let you go.

8. He’s thoughtful about your needs and he gets things for you without asking

You probably have a lot of people in your life who ask you what they can get for you.

You also have people in your life who get things for you without being asked, which is what this guy does.

He doesn’t mind spending money or buying something nice or useful to make you happy and bring a little sunshine into your life even when times are tough.

It shows thoughtful he is about your needs and how much you are on his mind.

9. He allows you to have your space

If your boyfriend is the type that allows you your space and even wants a little bit of it himself, then he will never leave you.

Why is this?

Because if he loves you, then he knows that too much togetherness is not always a good thing.

He knows that everyone needs time alone to gather their thoughts, recharge their batteries and take some quiet time for themselves without worrying about anyone else.

This also means that he likes being with you AND enjoying time on his own as well — which is just what I call a really great relationship!

10. He is protective of you

He may be protective of you, but it’s not because he wants to keep you to himself.

At the end of the day, a guy who’s terrified of losing you isn’t going anywhere.

11. He’s proud to introduce you to his best friends

He introduces you to his best friends and family, he goes out of his way for you and wants your family and friends to like him, it’s one of the signs he will never leave you. 

12. He doesn’t check out other women when out with you

If he doesn’t check out other women when he’s out with you, he’s committed to you.

He doesn’t comment on how good an outfit looks on them, how their legs look in those heels, how their hair is shiny, or anything else of that sort to tease you.

He doesn’t stalk other women’s social networking profiles on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or flirt with them.

If he wants to get away from you, he will simply tell you he’s busy and won’t have time to hang out, rather than spending time with other women without boundaries. 

13. He’s proud of you

He’s proud of you, and it sparks a fire in your heart because you feel like he’s one of your biggest fans.

If a man adores you, it makes you feel like his biggest champion.

He compliments you and tells whoever cares to listen how amazing you are.

He acknowledges and praises your special abilities and strengths. 

Humans are unpredictable and you can’t always be sure what someone would do.

So these signs don’t give you a 100% guarantee, but they’re still pretty good indicators of a guy’s long-term intentions towards you.

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