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6 Reasons Your Husband Is Being Nice All Of A Sudden

6 Reasons Your Husband Is Being Nice All Of A Sudden

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Every marriage has its ups and downs.

Some believe that the concept of marriage is a huge mountain of mysteries, and the idea of understanding your partner’s mind at times remains partially the most difficult mystery to unravel.

Well, as far as we know, the human race does not possess the ability to read minds; if we did, King Kong would have remained a nice gorilla, and Godzilla would still be a baby lizard.

However, knowing the reasons behind your partner’s actions is essential.

If your husband is being nice suddenly, it’s natural for you to be curious and wonder what he’s up to.

Read on to find out six possible reasons for your husband’s sudden niceness;

6 Reasons Your Husband Is Being Nice All Of A Sudden

1. He wants something in return

Reasons Your Husband Is Being Nice All Of A Sudden

So, you love the soft life and some tender loving care, but your introverted husband is usually busy with work and being brotherly around the house until one day…

He serves you breakfast in bed, gives you a heavenly massage without requesting it, surprises you with a vacation, wows you with a beautiful gift, or sends you an enormous flower bouquet with a romantic note.

Wow! You are blown away but also wondering the reason for your husband’s sudden niceness

Well, some people believe that no good deed comes for free and every kind gesture has something attached to it.

After all, even in Freetown, nothing is free!

Although this is a cynical way to view the world, it might be the case sometimes with marriages.

Your husband’s sudden ‘niceness’ might be to demand something in return.

Maybe he even has a track record that reveals that a request follows whenever he’s nice to you.

It could be anything from a request for more attention, wanting you to take on some of the tasks he usually does, or to get you ready for some business in the Private Chambers popularly tagged “other room” by Nigerians.

Depending on how your marriage is built or the customs you have developed around your marriage as a couple, being nice could be one of the ways your husband plays his romance games.

If he is not usually this way with you, it is very typical to raise an eyebrow.

Perhaps he has discovered that this master key opens the doors of your heart, and he is using it well.

2. He is trying to make amends

Reasons Your Husband Is Being Nice All Of A Sudden

Your husband’s sudden romantic and nice behavior might be to make amends and patch things up with you.

Communication is a powerful tool, but sadly, not everyone knows how to wield it effectively.

It is possible you had a fallout, or he hurt you, and having come to terms with his fault, he now seeks ways to communicate his apology.

Men can be egoistic, and depending on their personality, instead of rendering a sincere apology, they will let their actions say what their words can’t. 

If he buys gifts after a huge fight or resorts to ‘breakfast in bed’, my all-time favorite, your husband might just be trying to indirectly say “Sweetheart I’m sorry.”

In fact, your husband might not even do any of the things above but still be trying to make amends.

He could communicate that by helping with strenuous work at home or trying to unburden you by watching the kids.

He is simply doing anything he can to get back into your good graces. 

3. There’s something fishy going on

Reasons Your Husband Is Being Nice All Of A Sudden

This is usually every woman’s first instinct, “is he trying to hide something?”

“What’s he up to?”

Sadly, your husband’s sudden niceness might be because he has some skeletons in his cupboard.

Maybe your suspicions are correct, and your husband is trying to cover up his extramarital affairs. 

In the case of infidelity, some men do not bother to be nice toward their wives, even at the point of revelation.

But in other cases, if your husband is suddenly nice, guilt may be eating him up.

The sudden niceness may be because he is trying to pull the wool over your eyes, or he suspects you know about his misdeeds but isn’t sure, so he uses this as a covert operation to extract information from you.

4. It could just be a love bombing stage again

Reasons Your Husband Is Being Nice All Of A Sudden

Who knows?

The wheel might have gone round again, and your husband feels it’s time to love up on you again.

There are seasons in marriage.

The first season is usually the honeymoon, where love and fireworks fly.

One of the most trying seasons of marriage is the early parenting season, where the demands of caring and nurturing your minis can sap the life from your relationship.

It is easy for “see finish” to set in during this season, and your husband becomes unromantic.

Perhaps he got a wake-up call, and now he is suddenly nice because he wants to rekindle the spark that was once there.

5. He is a spontaneous person

Well, our personalities differ, and some people are naturally spontaneous.

Your husband may be suddenly nice to you because he just feels like doing nice things for you.

Most women have short-term memories regarding niceties, and when the man is not as doting as before for an extended period, they take it to heart.

They might grudgingly accept it as a norm while putting on tough skin to protect themselves.

Perhaps that’s why your husband’s sudden affection threw you off balance.


Yes, he may have dropped the ball on expressing love and giving you the tender loving care you desire in a season because of work demands or stress.

Now that he is no longer cluttered with work or stressed, he sees you well and is back to spinning you off your feet with surprises; enjoy it.

6. He seeks to be a better husband

Reasons Your Husband Is Being Nice All Of A Sudden

You may not have considered this, but perhaps your husband has become a new man and seeks to be a better husband to you.

This is possible; after all, we learn and grow every day.

The truth is that most men go into marriage unprepared, so it is not far-fetched for them to goof often.

Anyway, who doesn’t?

Your husband may have come into a new knowledge and light about how to be a better husband to you, which explains his sudden niceness.

I remember how my husband suddenly changed and became extremely doting after the birth of our second daughter.

It was a very tough delivery, and I guess the fear of losing me became so real to him that it catapulted him into a sweeter version of his formerly introverted self.

If your husband’s sudden niceness is because he seeks to be a better husband to you, then you should encourage him and reciprocate his niceness.

This is not the time to make discouraging and cynical comments lest he gets discouraged from taking those baby steps.

Who knows? This could also spell the dawn of something new and refreshing in your relationship!


Final Thoughts

It is expected to get suspicious when your husband becomes suddenly nice to you.

However, it would be good to consider the reasons above.

Also, you can ask him if you are unsure of his motives.

Having a conversation with him about it will help deal with costly assumptions.

In the meantime, I advise you to enjoy the niceness!

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