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11 Disheartening Signs He Will Never Marry You

11 Disheartening Signs He Will Never Marry You

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“I’ve been dating my boyfriend for about six months, and I’m starting to wonder if he’s ever going to propose. He’s never said that he doesn’t want to marry me or anything like that, but he also hasn’t given me any indication that marriage is in his sights. And now that we’re talking about buying a house together—something I always thought would be the next step in our relationship—I’m having second thoughts about whether or not we are on the same page about what happens next between us. But how do you know if your guy will ever pop the question? What are the signs he will never marry you?”

If you’ve ever been in these shoes, you know it’s as perplexing as it sounds.

It’s painful not to know what’s on the mind of a guy you’re dating. 

You love him, and he acts like he loves you, but will he marry you? 

Men are not always straightforward when it comes to issues like this. 

That’s why you’ll see a guy who refused to marry a woman he’d been with for three years only to marry a woman he’d only known for six months. 

It’s tough in the dating market these days. 

So how do you know if he’ll ever marry you? 

Men are different, and so is your relationship, but there are signs he will never marry you 

Here are some signs that your man is not going to ask you to marry him:

11 Signs He Will Never Marry You

  1. He has refused to propose even though he’s financially ready 

Signs he will never marry you

A man who is not ready to marry you will never propose, no matter how much he loves you or how financially ready he is. 

He may have many reasons for this, but they all boil down to one thing: he’s afraid of committing himself. 

This can be due to many factors—he may be afraid of being rejected, he doesn’t want commitment and responsibility in his life, or he fears losing his freedom. 

Whatever the case may be, it means that your relationship is doomed if you’re waiting around for him to propose and tie down your future because marriage isn’t in his plans. 

If you’ve been dating a for long time and he didn’t propose, when will he propose? 


2. You’re not a priority

If you feel like your partner would rather spend time with his friends than with you, then that’s a big red flag. 

This is one of the biggest signs he will never marry you because even if he does love and care about you, if he wants to spend all of his time with other people instead of building a relationship with you, then how will you have a meaningful relationship? 

You’re not asking for too much here. 

You don’t want to spend every waking moment with him and you’re not denying him quality time with his friends or hobbies. 

You’re not clingy because you have your own life which you very much love. 

You just want him to make you feel like you matter when it comes to his time. 

But if he only prioritizes you when he wants something from you e.g. sex, money, or attention, dude doesn’t plan on making you his future Mrs. 


3. He’s not honest with you

There’s a saying where I come from, “A corpse doesn’t hide from the person who will bathe it.”

Now, if a guy plans to marry you, he will endeavor to tell you the truth because he knows you’ll be his forever woman and there’s no point hiding things from you. 

Yes, men lie for different reasons but for men who are truly in love and want to make an honest woman out of the woman they’re dating, they know lying will hurt their chances of being with her, so they tend to be more transparent. 

The one who doesn’t want to marry you will tell you lies because he doesn’t fear the consequences. 

If you leave him, he won’t be pained because he doesn’t plan to marry you anyway. 


4. Your relationship isn’t moving forward

signs he will never marry you

If your relationship isn’t moving forward and seems stagnant, don’t be surprised if he doesn’t pop the question anytime soon. 

It’s common for people in long-term relationships to get comfortable and settle into their routine without making any changes. 

If your guy doesn’t seem to be bothered about how stagnant your relationship is, maybe he has no plans to change the status quo any time soon. 


5. You are already living with him and acting like a wife

signs he will never marry you

If you are already living together and acting like his wife, then he probably doesn’t see any point in getting married. 

You’re making his meals, cleaning up after him, splitting bills or even paying all the bills, sleeping with him, and literally just doing what wives do. 

Why would he pay for milk when he already has the cow? 

People generally don’t like change, and men especially, are creatures of habit. 

Why get married when he’s already enjoying the privileges of being married? 


6. He doesn’t trust you

If your boyfriend is jealous or insecure about other men being around you or if he constantly accuses you of flirting with other men, this may be a sign that he doesn’t trust himself enough to know that what he has is truly real and solid. 

If he doesn’t trust you, he will not share some private details about himself with you—his future plans, income, and even pasts etc. 


7. He doesn’t respect you

signs he will never marry you

A man who wants to marry you will respect you as an equal partner.

He’ll listen to you and respect your opinion. 

A man who treats you like trash doesn’t value you. 

Even if he wants to marry you, would you marry someone who derives pleasure in ridiculing you? 


8. He cheats on you

signs he will never marry you

If your boyfriend has been unfaithful, then this is one of the biggest signs that he’ll never marry you. 

Cheating is a sign of disrespect and lack of commitment towards your partner.

So if he’s been an unrepentant cheat, obviously you’re not enough for him. 


9. He hasn’t introduced you to his family

Introducing a woman to his family is a big move for most men. 

Because when he introduces you to his family, there is an unspoken understanding that he wants to spend the rest of his life with you.

So if your boyfriend won’t introduce you to his family and instead tries to keep you hidden from them for as long as possible, maybe he doesn’t see himself long-term with you. 

Although some guys can introduce you to the whole world and still not marry you. 

Men can be weird creatures sometimes. 



10. He shies away from conversations about the future 

signs he will never marry you

A man who knows what he wants will be eager to talk about his future, and if he’s not, it’s a clear sign that your place in his life isn’t secure yet.

If you ask him where he sees himself in 5 years, or whether or not he thinks marriage and family are possible for him in the near future, see how he reacts. 

Does he respond with enthusiasm? 

Or does it feel like a chore for him?

A man who’s committed to making things work will want to know more about where this relationship might lead—whether it means moving across the country together or having kids someday (or both). 

But if your guy clamors away at the mere mention of commitment like an animal running from a predator instead of engaging in conversation about what your future holds together as a couple, then it’s dicey situation. 


11. He says negative things about marriage

If you hear your boyfriend badmouthing marriage, you should probably be concerned.

 If he thinks it’s a waste of money, time and/or effort, it’s possible that he’ll never want to get married at all. 

If he believes that most marriages fail and that people shouldn’t get married, then he might not feel like marrying you anytime soon either.

You may hear him say things like, “If we ever get married…” or “Maybe someday…” or “I’m not sure if I believe in marriage…” or any other variation on those lines.

If you desire to be married and your boyfriend doesn’t share your enthusiasm toward marriage, you may have to reconsider whether you’re in the right relationship at all. 

Do that and make a decision before you waste your precious time with him. 




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