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14 Things a Player Would Say to Deceive You

14 Things a Player Would Say to Deceive You

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If you’re a single lady, then you’ve probably been approached by a player.

They can be charming, attractive, and smooth-talking, but don’t be fooled by their act.

These guys are only interested in one thing: getting into your pants.

If you’re not careful, they’ll have you wrapped around their little finger in no time.

Here are some of the things that players say to try and seduce you.

Don’t let them get away with it – stand up for yourself and keep them at arm’s length!

There’s a big difference between being a player and being single.

A player is someone who knows how to approach women and get them to like him.

He knows all the right things to say and do in order to take advantage of someone emotionally.

If you’ve ever been approached by a guy who makes you feel like he might be a player, beware!

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These are 14 of the things a player would say to you:

14 Things a Player Would Say to You

1. “Let’s Go Out

A player will be looking for a one-night stand, and he’ll do anything to get it.

He knows that most women say they want something more casual than a relationship, but he does everything he can to turn you into someone who wants more from him than just.

He might start with a little flattery and a compliment on your looks, but if you start to take him seriously or get too close to him, he’ll try to push you away.

He may even give you the classic line: “I just want to take it slow for now”.

Guys who say this are usually projecting their own feelings onto you – they’re hoping that you want what they want.

You don’t.

They think that if getting to know them will prevent you from giving in, then it’s a good idea to keep you at arm’s length.

2. “I’m Not Like Other Guys”

The player knows he has to make himself seem different from other guys if he wants your attention.

He might even be a really nice guy when you’d think that he would be a jerk, but don’t fall for it!

Just because at first he seems different from other guys, doesn’t mean that’s the case.

In fact, most players are only looking to take advantage of you or playing games with your feelings.

3. “I Don’t Want to Rush Things”

This is often said while he’s trying to move things along faster than it should be going.

A player will make every excuse not to commit while still trying to spend as much time with you as possible and get you to do what he wants.

He doesn’t want to “rush things” because once you’re in a relationship with him, he won’t have any control over how fast it goes.

Instead of committing to you, he’ll tell you that he’s just not looking for anything serious.

As soon as you try to change that or get too close, he’ll get scared and look for ways to make you doubt him.

4. “It’s Not You, It’s Me”

This is another classic line that players use all the time.

When they get tired of someone, their go-to excuse will be that it’s not them – it’s you!

Of course, it isn’t!

It’s them.

They just want to get out of the relationship without having to look like the bad guy, so they make you feel bad for being needy or clingy.needy or clingy.

5. “I Have a Lot Going On Right Now”

When a guy says this, it could mean one of two things: he’s either too busy for a relationship or he’s got something that he wants to keep from you.

Chances are it’s the latter, and if that’s the case then this guy probably isn’t the one for you.

That’s because early on in dating someone, they can either be completely open with you or try their hardest to hide things from you.

Players are more likely to want you to think that they’re busy with work or school, when in fact they are actually cheating with someone else.

6. “I Need Space”

It’s never a good idea to be with someone who doesn’t value your time together.

Players know what you want from him – for him to be there physically and emotionally – so they’ll say that they “need space” to keep you hooked.

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It works out well for the player because he doesn’t have to answer any of your texts or calls and can still see you with no consequence.

The more times he says this, the more time it will take for him to actually come back around.

7. “I’m Not Ready to ____ Yet”

This is another excuse that you’ll hear a lot from guys who don’t want anything serious.

They may even say they want something more than casual, but they’re not ready for it yet.

Players know what you think you want and they will try to feed into that so that their life isn’t threatened.

They’ll keep you around because they don’t want to give up the benefits that come from having a girl in their life, but without actually putting in the effort of a relationship.

8. “I Think We Should Just Be Friends”

This is usually said at the end of a conversation when your feelings are too serious and it’s making the player uncomfortable.

Players want to make sure you get it, so they’ll try to get your expectations low before they disappear on you.

This way, if you ever get mad at them or call them out for their actions, they can remind you of all the times they told you that you were only a friend and nothing more.

9. “I Have a Girlfriend”

This is something that you’ll hear when the player gets caught in his own web and wants to get out of it all.

Just like with “honestly, I’m not interested,” this might sound familiar if you’ve ever been cheated on.

Players know how much women hate to be cheated on, so this is something they will throw out there to make them look like the innocent party.

10. “I Want to Come Over”/”Let’s Go on a Date”

This one is the classic go-to excuse that players use when they want you to feel good about yourself, but still want to put off as much as possible.

Phrases like these are their way of talking without actually having to say something or do anything.

The idea behind this line is that the player wants you to think they have conceded, but also have no intention of following through.

They’ll string things out for a while and might even still hook up with other people, even though you don’t know it.

11.”I Don’t Do That Anymore”

This is one of the most common phrases that players use.

They’ll say that they aren’t in high school anymore and don’t need to sleep around with all of their friends.

If a guy really isn’t like that, then he shouldn’t have to make excuses for himself.

But if he’s still hooking up with other people, this is something he’ll say to make you feel better about the situation.

Even if he does stop, remember that persistence is key and it’s probably going to take a few times before his switch actually flips.

12.”I’m Not Ready for a Relationship”/”This Is Just S*x”

things a player would say

When a guy uses this phrase, it means that he is either getting over a breakup or is really bad at dealing with his emotions.

A player will want to make sure you know that they’re only after casual s*x and don’t want anything serious.

If you can handle something like this, then great!

But if not, keep in mind that this isn’t the guy who is looking for the same things as you.

13.”I Need to Focus on My Career”/”My Work Isn’t Done Yet”

This is a line that has a lot of different meanings but isn’t always the case.

First off, this could be used by a player who wants to slow things down and doesn’t want to have their life threatened.

It could also be someone who is leading on another woman and wants to let you down easy.

But if those two aren’t the case, this could also be used by a player who has both casual s*x and more committed relationships and doesn’t want to give up on either.

If you’re looking for a monogamous relationship and he’s not on the same page, this might be a thing he’ll say to get out of it.

14.”I Love You”/”Why Can’t It Just Be Us?”

This is the player’s last resort.

If all else fails and you start talking about plans for your future together, then that’s when they’ll pull this card.

If he’s not ready for anything serious and says this, don’t believe it.

things a player would say


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