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What Kind of Girl Do Players Fall For? 13 Traits Players Can’t Resist

What Kind of Girl Do Players Fall For? 13 Traits Players Can’t Resist

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Players are the heartbreakers, they are the ones who get all the girls.

They are the guys who always have a girlfriend and know how to kiss a girl.

Players have their ways with women and they like to keep it that way.

A player is a guy that’s in love with the game of love, not his feelings for one particular woman.

He plays the field and he loves it because to him it means never settling for just one chick.

What kind of girl do players fall for?  

“Players don’t fall in love… they don’t get emotionally involved,” some people say.

That’s not true, at least not for all players. 

The ones who will never fall in love are the ones who have never allowed themselves to feel anything.

This is a dangerous habit that leads to emotional numbness and depression.

It’s better to be an emotional player who feels than an unfeeling player who represses his feelings.

There are a number of factors that go into determining why players tend to fall in love with the women they do.

A player doesn’t just fall for any girl.

He has to have respect for her, trust her, and most importantly, he has to feel something for her.

But what exactly is it about some girls that make them so irresistible to players?

The girl who makes his heart beat faster than he thought possible.

The one who brings color to his cheeks and light to his eyes.

The one who steals his breath away and causes his chest to tighten with emotion.

The girl that makes him think about things like love, commitment, and happily ever after, which of course terrifies him!

It’s not just any girl, but the kind that comes with a hint of mystery.

A player will fall in love with a girl who is far more interesting and has more to offer than the average girl.

What kind of girl do players fall for?  

There’s no single answer to this question since every player is different but there are some generalizations we can make. 

The Kind of Girl Players Fall For

1. A cute personality

what kind of girl do players fall for

If you can make a player laugh and enjoy your company for more than 30 seconds at a time, you’re already ahead of the game.

That’s because players tend to hang around people who make them feel good – and funny people definitely fit into that category.

Even if they’re not funny themselves, they appreciate those who are.

Being able to laugh at yourself and make jokes is a great quality in any woman.

Men love to find a woman with who they can have fun and really enjoy talking with.

If he feels like he can joke around with you, then he will like spending more time with you.

There is nothing sexier than a girl who can make him laugh.

Humor makes a girl beautiful, and when she smiles, it makes her even more beautiful!

Players are used to all sorts of girls coming and going in their lives, so if you want to stand out from the crowd, bring your sense of humor and be completely open.

Don’t take yourself too seriously.

You want to be fun and flirty, but you also don’t want to come off as desperate or needy.

If he thinks he has nothing to lose by playing around with you, it will work in your favor.

2. A woman who is comfortable in her own skin

A woman who knows who she is and what she wants out of life.

A woman who has a sense of direction and a sense of self-worth.

A woman who can be all these things without losing any femininity or s*x appeal, because men are most attracted to women whose behavior is not purely dictated by what they think men want them to be or do.

Players fall in love with authentic women who are comfortable in their own skin.

3. Someone who is genuine and honest and trustworthy

Most of the time when guys talk to girls, they want to feel like they can trust them and tell them anything.

The thing about some players is that they have been hurt in the past by girls.

Players don’t trust easily and they never open up to anyone.

They are closed off and cold towards most people.

But if there is a girl that can break this wall down and make them feel like they can trust them, they will fall in love with her.

A player likes a girl who can be upfront with him and never lie or hide things from him, even if you think he will not like the truth.

That is how you earn and keep his trust.

4. Good communicatoion skills

No guy wants to deal with a girl who cannot communicate clearly or effectively or cannot speak her mind.

Girls who are clear communicators are much more enjoyable to be around than those who simply mumble “uh huh” to everything he says.

5. Kindness

Guys like girls that are kind. 

What a player wants is a woman who will surprise him from time to time with random acts of kindness.

He wants someone who is genuinely happy for him when he does something good or achieves a goal, and not just for show.

He wants someone that he can talk about anything with – the good points and the bad – without worrying about whether she’s going to judge him or if she’ll think less of him.

6. She knows what she wants from life

Players love a girl who has her life together even though they (players) don’t have their own life together.

A girl who knows what she wants from life and she knows how to go out and get it.

She is also very independent, she is not afraid to stand on her own two feet and take care of herself.

A player does not want to have to worry about taking care of a woman, he wants a strong woman who can take care of herself and be able to hold her own with him.

He doesn’t want a girl who always wants to be around him because she’s insecure and needs constant reassurance of his affections.

He doesn’t want someone who feels like he has to entertain her every second of the day.

So, if you seem like the type of girl who constantly needs reassurance that she’s beautiful or that she’s making an impression on someone, players won’t want you!

Players hate dealing with high-maintenance girls.

All they want is a girl who can laugh things off and have a good time.


what kind of girl do players fall for


7. A forgiving heart 

Someone who will forgive him when he makes a mistake because most likely that’s who he is — a normal guy who makes mistakes sometimes.

Someone who won’t hold it against him and make him feel bad about it, but will let it go and move on because she understands that everyone makes mistakes sometimes, but we learn from them and become better people because of them (if we don’t repeat the same mistake over and over again).

Players don’t love judgemental girls who think they are better than everyone else.

This doesn’t mean a girl would tolerate his excesses though. 

8. Confidence

Girls that have confidence in themselves are very attractive because they know their self worth and they will not settle for anyone less than what they deserve.

Confidence is sexy and gives off an air of mystery.

How can anyone resist a woman who isn’t afraid to take charge, stand up for herself and speak her mind? 

This type of girl will not be desperate when you come around because she already knows what she wants and doesn’t want, and what she brings to the table.

9. Innocence

what kind of girl do players fall for

If a player meets a girl who hasn’t been around players, he might fall in love with her

Some players are attracted to girls who look innocent and naive, who wear their heart on their sleeve, or who don’t wear their heart at all.

They like girls who don’t know about games and who aren’t players themselves. 

Opposites attract eh?

10. Mysterious and unpredictable

No matter what you’ve heard about players and their promiscuity, they do fall in love. 

They fall in love with women who are mysterious and unpredictable.

The biggest reason why players will fall in love with a girl is that they’re intrigued.

Players aren’t looking for boring, predictable women to spend their lives with.

They’re looking for someone who’s going to challenge them mentally, emotionally, and physically.

The more you act like the kind of girl who could have any man she wants, the more likely it is that a player will be interested in you because he’ll find it intriguing.

Players aren’t turned off by girls who have strong personalities and interests of their own.

In fact, they find those girls extremely attractive.

Girls who are self-confident enough to say “no, don’t play games with me”.

So how do you be this kind of enigmatic woman?

It’s not about pretending you’re mysterious when you’re really not.

That would just be false advertising and guys can see right through it to the real you underneath.

No, being mysterious means actually letting your personality shine through, but refusing to give all of yourself away right off the bat.

11. The Girl Who Can Be His Friend 

what kind of girl do players fall for

I’m not saying that you have to be his friend.

However, if he feels like he can come over to your house and kick it with your friends as well as you, then he’ll feel more comfortable around you.

If he knows that he can tell you what’s up when something is wrong, instead of walking away mad or silent, then he’ll probably be able to open up to you more.

If he believes that you care about him and want to help him out, then he’ll probably feel like you’re worth forsaking his old ways for.

12. Intelligence

Guys love smart girls.

The high-quality player likes a girl that is intelligent and can hold an intellectual conversation about anything from politics to science.

She has a fun personality and doesn’t take things too seriously.

She’s able to make him laugh with her sharp wit and sarcasm.

Creativity. Guys like girls that are creative – they like to do things that seem fun and exciting.

13. Adds value to his life

If you are still wondering what kind of girl players fall in love with, the answer is pretty simple: the girl that adds value to his life!

The question that comes up is what exactly does a player mean by “value”?

Value could be anything from the woman being fun to be around, beautiful, intelligent, and even making him feel good about himself.

He may also find her financially capable of supporting them and her not being needy.

In other words, she’ll add value in all kinds of ways.

So, contrary to popular belief, it’s not the damsel in distress who always catches a player’s eye.

In fact, studies have shown that men are more likely to be attracted to women who display characteristics typically associated with being strong and independent.

These qualities include having a sense of self-confidence and being able to take care of herself both financially and emotionally

Work on developing your independence and self-assurance – these traits will help you attract any man you desire.

what kind of girl do players fall for



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